Learn To Play In A Rock Band

Established in 2008 as part of Clive's Easylearn Pop & Rock Music School Franchise, Kilkenny Rock Music School is now independent offering lessons for guitar, bass and drums for children and adults. All our tutors are experienced in teaching and performing music, some have even been past students of the school. Lessons are comprised of a 45 minute lesson on the students' chosen instrument, then a 15 minute musical jam with all the other students and tutors in the session. Our aim is for the students to really enjoy learning their instrument, so we relate the music theory and techniques to compemporary and classic rock and pop songs. In the musical jams the students not only get to play in a real rock band from the first lesson but also gain confidence performing music live.


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Entry and tuition for London College Of Music (www.rgt.org) Grades & Performance Awards are available on request.