Kilkenny Rock Music School's owner & head guitar tutor Robin is an agent for The British & Irish Modern Music Institute, click on the links below for  virtual tours of BIMM campuses:


Dublin has a long history of embracing creativity and celebrating diversity with a passion for live music, a large student population and one of Europe’s most vibrant arts scenes. 

Virtual Tour: BIMM Dublin Virtual Tour



London is at the centre of music and the arts, both in terms of national and international reputation. As a culturally diverse city with a large student population, London offers inspiration and opportunities to many musicians and artists.

Virtual Tour: BIMM London Virtual Tour



Attitude and ambition are synonymous with the Manchester music scene, qualities that have seen the city spawn some of the UK’s biggest bands and artists.

Virtual Tour: BIMM Manchester Virtual Tour



A thriving underground music and arts scene is at the heart of Bristol life, where individuality is celebrated and creativity rewarded.

Virtual Tour: BIMM Bristol Virtual Tour




Creativity and freedom is at the forefront of Brighton life. The city is packed with free music events, and its vibrant, vast live music scene is spread across pubs, pop-up gigs and landmark venues.

Virtual Tour: BIMM Brighton Virtual Tour




When it comes to music and the arts Berlin is creative, avant-garde, subversive and open-minded. It gives our students direct access to a vibrant community made up of diverse events, festivals, venues and gigs.

Virtual Tour: BIMM Berlin Virtual Tour